Spencer Thornton - songwriter/vocals/guitar

Barry Kolsky - lead guitar

Gio Sanserino - bass/background vocals

Aaron Weiner - drums/background vocals

Spencer Thornton

Barry Kolsky

Gio Sanserino

Aaron Weiner

    Snake Farmers singer/songwriter Spencer Thornton (StompBox Holiday, Melrose Hillbillies) is an Athens, GA native raised in Atlanta before migrating to Los Angeles. He describes the music of the four-piece Snake Farmers Band as a“mash-up of Alt-Americana meets Roots Rock & Roll with a Southern Accent.”

    Thornton (Vocals/Guitar) says he and his SoCal bred road-tested journeymen band-mates, Barry Kolsky (Lead Guitar), Gio Sanserino (Bass, BGV) and Aaron Weiner (Drums/BGV) come from such diverse musical backgrounds that it was next to impossible for each of them NOT to bring a little something different to the table when working out how they’d play his songs at a live show. “Whether it’s got a Texas blues boogie, a jazzy swing, a swampy rock backbeat or a cautionary folk tale cadence, it’s all good... well, till it goes off the rails. But even then, it’s such a kick in the pants for the four of us old-schoolers to meet up once a week, get the creative juices flowin’ and have some serious fun without breakin’ the law. It’s pretty darned contagious. We’re hopin’ our audience hasn’t had their vaccination shots, yet.”


   “As musicians, our job is to create songs, nurture them a bit and then deliver them to those who are open and/or in need. And when you cut through all the BS, it’s just Music: movement, joy, sound, emotion, rhythm and voices blending into one holy mess-o-fun. Kinda like a big ole snake; one long muscle of moving parts, each one instinctively following what the other parts do as it slithers along... minding its own business and trying it’s best not to crawl across the wrong highway or into the wrong yard.”